Where I first started making noises

In April of 2006 I took my first stumbling steps into making noise, and by the middle of May the same year I had released my first demo as O2FN. In hindsight it's fairly nondescript, but it does have its moments and at the time I was having too much fun to not release it.

Since then I've experimented with various types of music, but almost always with a twist of noise to it. Looking back, I do think I might've released things a bit more trigger-happy than I should've.

Different types of music also involve different approaches and uses of hardware and software, not to mention new project names. Historically I tend to be rather binary in software and hardware use, an exception being arranging hardware recordings in the computer - it's not that I have a strong opinion about it, moreso a "feeling".

Reversed Obesity's gear after its first gig

Speaking of feelings, that's really what it comes down to when I decide which name to release something as. For example a track might start out with an intention to make something for Mörkerseende but somewhere along the creative process it happens to turn into what I feel is more along the lines of Duck Propaganda.

As can be seen under releases there's also a few projects that are defunct, though it's not really clear at first glance - and the reasoning behind them being left to history is usually that they've grown old or aren't relevant to where I find myself.

Currently there are four projects I consider alive and well: Johan Hjort, Duck Propaganda, Mörkerseende, and Member 40.